Entry #1

Ah, look! Im now on Newgrounds as well as DeviantArt!

2009-03-29 03:41:43 by halfingrdog

Look at me world! I am squandering my precious time away on the internet! Wohoo!

I really shouldn't be on here, I should actually be on google searching for downloadable pron-tent. Nah! Just joshing! Yeah... Well...

I actually should be doing my sophomore project right now, but, I just REALLY dont want to. Woah! That was weird! The screen looked like it was wrinkling up like a peice of paper! Im so tired! I really should be in bed. Oh well. I guess that just shows you how stupid I am, huh?

So... totally yeah! Im a furry. Fancy that. If you haven't peed your pants out of disgust by now, you should totally check out my Deviantart account on DeviantArt. Its pretty cool, I guess. If you like silly weird crap coming from a 17 year old who acts like a 13 year old little girl (well, sorta... In some aspects. His fursona does at least!^^) who wants to be an Alsatian (GSD, German Sheperd, Police Dog, etc. etc.).

My name is president Paul Cardoza with the Bogus News Network (BNN), signing off.

This has been a[n] (obviously fake) bulletin for BNN. Now, back to public advertising.


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2009-03-29 06:37:28

tidy fat parsnips